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Why I like to Schedule Family Photos in the Evening.


Mommas, I promise I don’t hate you.

I know how unpredictable kids can be in the evenings. Then “why schedule family photos in the evening?,” you ask. Because it’s the best light. It will give you the best opportunity for those gorgeous photos you’ll treasure forever. Yes, it might throw your schedule off that day but it’s worth it. And I’ve got you. I’ll be with you each step of the way, helping you be the most prepared you can be and the most relaxed. Promise. Need more convincing? What about this:

mother and daughter out in the evening sunflare

Photography is the capturing of Light on something.

Lemme repeat that for the people in the back: Photography is the capturing of light on something. Remember how we said the evenings give some of the best light?…

Light, or the controlled absence of it, is the most essential element in photography.  Second, for me at least, is you – your story, your relationships, your moments.

Because light is so important, there are two things I’m going to suggest to you when we work together.  First, that we hold your session outside (unless we’re doing a newborn session together).  I figure God’s light is the best light more often than not.  Outdoor sessions also give the kiddos room to explore and find a bit more freedom.  Second, is that we schedule family photos in the evening or in the early morning (gasp!).

Remember how photography is all about light?  The best light happens in the hour after the sun has risen or the hour right before the sunsets.  Photographers refer to these windows of time as the golden hour for a good reason.  The setting sun isn’t casting harsh shadows on your face and giving your raccoon eyes but rather surrounding you with a soft, golden glow.

family candid running into frame evening light

But what about the kiddos? 

If we scheduled a summer evening session for you the chances are that we won’t start until dinnertime or later.  However, I have a few tips to help carry you through.  First, try and let the kids sleep in that day.  Second, what about naps?  If they don’t nap in the afternoon, because let’s face it, the days we really want them to nap they won’t, try having your husband leave early for the session and letting them fall asleep in the car.  Third, eat dinner early and then bring snacks for right before or during the session.

Finally, it’s totally normal for kids to start winding down towards the end of the session.  That’s okay!  In fact, some of the best snuggles come at the end of the session when the littles just want to be held . I love when your little guy snuggles in your arms and you hold him, close your eyes, and lean back into dad.  Dad has a soft smile on his face.  The three of you have completely forgotten about me and are just enjoying your moment. Click. Beautiful, real moment captured.

Now you know why we schedule family photos in the evening but I encourage you not to stress it too much. I walk with you each step of the way to get ready, everything from wardrobe prep, to location suggestions to working with you to set the time.  I’m with you and I want this to be your best experience yet!

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Such great info! I’m totally guilty of being stressed over the way my babes will act during the witching hour that overlaps with a session, but you are so right in that the light and results are worth it!

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