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Ramstein Lifestyle Newborn Session.

mom and her mother holding the newest baby

Ramstein Lifestyle Newborn Session – Using light and shadows

As with most winter and early springs in Germany, clouds blanketed the Ramstein skyline the morning of Avery’s lifestyle newborn session.  For most of the session we utilized the large window and told the story of Hadley’s arrival into the family – from the uncertainty of her next oldest sister to the pride and excitement of her brother and sister.  As their story unfolded, light and shadows began to play and mix.  As the shadows strengthened the feeling and mood of the images changed.  Photography is the capturing of light on a subject but would it not also be the capturing of the absence of light?  Hum, point to ponder.

Right now the current trend in photography is “light and airy” portraits.  Think lots of brilliant whites, beautiful light color tones, neutrals for days, and a floaty, ethereal feel.  It’s really pretty.  It’s also not me.  I’m straying outside the lines…

I can honestly say I’ve never been one to consistently color in the lines.  This did prove a problem in the military.  Thankfully I worked for awesome men who saw that spark and worked with me rather then tamp me down.  But I digress.

Shadows and Light

Currently I’m super inspired by Caravaggio, a painter of almost spotlight-like light and deep, velvety shadows.  I love how the shadows in his paintings force you to not only look at the light but take an extra moment to think about what’s going on.  What’s hiding in the darkened areas?  What’s on the fringe, the gradient line where the light drops off?  And because it’s a painting everything in the scene is there deliberately, adding layers and thoughts and drama.  These parts, the light and shadow play, work together to tell the story unfolding…

… which is the essence of my art.  My intention every time I pick up the camera is to tell your story through my lens.  You, momma, and your love, are my focal point.  Sometimes shadows help you zoom in on what really matters – the darken backgrounds and forced focus on the subjects, the highlighting of half of your facial features so you really see the thoughts and emotions, or the gradient line of light and shadow pushing you to really take a moment to see the extraordinary.  

Caravaggio was a master and genius of his time.  I am not.  Studying his work and watching it begin to unfold in mine has been, and continues to be, a piece of my art, a piece I use to tell your story.  What others may see as ordinary, I see as your extraordinary.


Momma & Dad sitting with her four kids including her new baby daughter
family sitting at home in Ramstein with their newborn sister
both grandmas holding newborn granddaughter in house in Ramstein
Oma with her namesake grandaughter
newborn portrait done in German bread bowl in Ramstein village

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