May 21, 2019 /

My Focus is On You, Momma


In the beginning…

When I started as a photographer I did what everyone else was doing: I met my clients at a park in the afternoon, usually for the first time, took their pictures, went home, edited them, and sent them an online gallery.  Bing bang done.  I quickly realized, however, that it wasn’t what I wanted and, more importantly, it wasn’t helping mommas.  Just meeting her at the session and clicking my camera really only answered part of her problem.  What about what to wear?  How to talk to her husband about why she wanted family pictures and how important they are?  I could see how stressed and frazzled she was the minute she stepped out of the car.  Heck, I was like that myself at our own family portraits!  I wanted more for my moms: less stress, more love, and more memories.  I set about doing just that.

Ramstein photographer of motherhood

But now…

I veer from the norm in photography.  I am a photographer of motherhood.  My focus is on you, momma, and your love for the family.  Everything I do is built around you and for you.  I work with you from start to finish, as much as you want.  I’ll meet with you in person before your session so there’s no blind date awkwardness.  We’ll talk about what your vision is for wall art and gifts. I’ll send you wardrobe advice and help you coordinate, but not match, everyone in the family.  Sometimes I’ll even do the wardrobe procurement for you!  It’s all about you and making this the best experience for you and the family.

At the session you just show up and love on your children and your spouse.  There’s no awkward posing or crazy “hold it, hold it, hold it…”. I’ll help guide you but your favorite pictures will come when everyone is being themselves. 

After the session, I’ll go home and upload and edit your images.  I’ll trash all the ones out of focus or of you blinking.  Then I’ll probably narrow the field down to the 20 or 30 of the strongest images- the ones that truly tell your story, and your moments.  You’ll receive them in an online gallery. Hopefully you fall in love. 🙂

Questions? Contact me here.

Wanna see more? Go here.

I can’t wait to love and focus on you, momma <3


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