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Answers to 3 FAQs - In Home Newborn Sessions


Landsthul In Home Newborn Session

Landsthul in home newborn session: Knocking on the door to Amanda’s house, I felt so excited.  I photographed Amanda’s maternity portraits and now here I was a few weeks later photographing her newborn daughter. It was cold and windy outside but inside we were warm and relaxed – the joys of in home newborn sessions!

When to schedule your newborn session:

Penelope was just seven days new when I visited for her Landsthul in home newborn session.  For newborn sessions, the best time frame is between 2-14 days new, with days three through seven being the sweet spot.  Before day 14 most babies are sleepy enough to be handled and remain sleeping.  Being born and figuring out life is hard work!  Around day 14 they start discovering this wonderful thing called stretching and they tend to wake up more easily. However, with in home session we tend to capture more candid images of you and your family loving on your baby. She doesn’t have to be asleep all the time. Yes, within the first two weeks is ideal but it’s not a deal breaker. In home sessions are a bit more flexible in that regard.

When to feed your baby for a session:

Continuing with the sleepy baby theme, try feeding and burping your sweet one right before I arrive or right when I arrive.  Don’t worry, I can explore the house, look at light, and set things up while you’re feeding if you decide to feed your baby upon arrival.  If you’re comfortable, I can also capture a few moments of you feeding your sweet one.  It is also perfectly normal, and expected, to stop and feed your baby in the middle of a session.

What to wear:

While Penelope and Amanda wore matching outfits for part of their session, you don’t have to do that.  Simple, classic outfits are best.  Amanda chose cotton green shift dresses for their matching outfit.  Love!  She also wore yoga pants, a solid color top, and a cardigan.  You just had a baby, you’re at home – the name of the game is relax, be comfortable, and make beautiful portraits.  No need to be glammed up, unless you want!  While Amanda was in yoga pants Penelope wore a simple white onesie.  I love it when babies wear white onesies, it’s timeless and perfect. 

Without further ado, here’s Amanda and Penelope:

baby swaddled in mommas arms in the master bedroom
newborn and mom snuggling
baby feet and mommas hand on the bed
newborn swaddled in nursery by plants
awake baby in nursery crib
newborn laying in crib

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