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Newborn photos focused on your family's love and precious new moments

October 23, 2017 /

In Home Newborn Photography

In home newborn photography, aka lifestyle newborn photography, what is it? When you hear “lifestyle” think: natural, organic, your day-to-day. When you hear "in home" think: relaxed, low stress, c...

In home newborn photography, aka lifestyle newborn photography, what is it? When you hear “lifestyle” think: natural, organic, your day-to-day. When you hear “in home” think: relaxed, low stress, comfortable. Most in home or lifestyle newborn portraits are taken at your house, on your couch, cuddled on your bed, dancing in the kitchen, with your family taking center stage. The focus is less on themed costumes, beautiful baskets, newborn poses and more on your love and moments with your family and your new little one. (Hence the reason people also refer to them as lifestyle newborn session).

low stress & relaxing

I know that family portraits, especially with newborns, can be stressful but they don’t have to be! In home newborn sessions are relaxing, low stress, and completely attuned to your family.  For in home sessions I encourage my mommas to relax in leggings and a comfortable top, you just gave birth! Dads are welcome to wear jeans and a t-shirt and go barefoot if they want.  And don’t worry too much about this, I will guide with you more information on what to wear.  I won’t leave ya hangin’, promise!

don’t worry about the state of your house…

On that note, you might be worried about the chaos of your home and some clutter.  Don’t be!  I’ve done in home newborn sessions mid-pcs, two days before packers came, and everything in between.  If you don’t have dishes in your sink and a diaper pail in the nursery I’d be shocked.  What I’m looking at isn’t the mess, it’s the moments between you, your husband, and your littles.  And the light.  Which rooms have the best light filtering in through the windows? Be sure to let me know as we move forward with your session.

Remember momma, you’ve waited nine months to hold your little one in your arms, to place them in the nursery you’ve created so, to me, it only makes sense to photograph in there, with you. Capture your newest, sweetest moments in a place that has meaning to you and your family. #capturethememories

Scroll down to read a few FAQs regarding In Home Newborn Sessions
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FAQ for In Home Newborn Sessions

When should I schedule my session?

Ideally, between 3-14 days.  Don’t panic if you miss the sweet spot, one month olds are cuddly and chunky and cuties too.  But yes, ideally within those first two weeks.

Okay, but how do I schedule a session when I don’t know for sure when my little one is arriving?

When we book your newborn session together, I use your due date as a temporary placeholder on the calendar.  I only take a certain number of newborn sessions a month because your sweet babies… well, their arrival is a little hard to predict.

How long do sessions last?

You and your baby run the show.  Sessions typically last around an hour and a half with breaks mingled in for diaper changes and feedings.  We go at your pace.

What should I expect during the session?

When I first arrive I’m probably going to be so happy to see you and gush all over you and your little one.  Your husband may raise his eyebrows thinking we’re long lost friends or something.  In part, we may be, because we’ll have communicated quite a bit (hopefully!) beforehand.  After saying hello, I will scope out your home for areas with the best light. I primarily shoot in home newborn images in the nursery, master bedroom and living room however it’s more about finding the rooms with the best light.

The baby will typically determine the flow of the session. If he is hungry when I arrive, then I will start with some feeding and changing shots. If he’s sleeping soundly in the crib (kudos to you!) then I’ll start with some crib and nursery shots. There is no set schedule or plan; as a parent myself, I’ve learned to adapt.

Although this is lifestyle session, I do offer gentle guidance for posing to get the ball rolling and help you settle in. Again, I won’t leave ya hanging, promise!

I will make use of your home, your décor, your furniture, etc… I may need to move some things around or take a frame off the wall but it won’t be anything big.  You, your little one, and your family’s love are the focal point.

What about siblings?

Yes!  I love having siblings in the sessions.  In home sessions are focused on your new sweet one and your family.  I work to make sure brothers and sisters feel just as special as baby.  Those candid sibling shots that you and the grandparents want start with the siblings feeling comfortable and loved <3 We’ll talk about this more once you book your session.

Mommas, from my heart to your’s, this is a beautiful moment in your family.  Relax and love hard on it.

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I”m 20 weeks with my first and cannot wait for my first lifestyle newborn session!

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oh gosh, now your SO is going to hate me 😉 haha

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