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How to Conquer the Logistics of your Family Photo Session


aka 2 Tips to prepare for the logistics of your family photo session

Yay! I’m so excited that you are thinking about doing family photos.  If you’re feeling a little nervous about it, I understand.  Most people feel timid before jumping in front of a camera (including me).  I’ll be walking with you through each step of the process, helping you choose your outfits, helping you choose your locations, all of it.  I don’t want you to stress mommas.  Here are two tips to prepare for the logistics of your family photo session.  My goal is for you to arrive confident and happy!

family laughing at photo session after figuring out the logistics of snack time

Tip 1 – Meals:

Mommas, do.not.mess.with.dinnertime. Plan ahead to avoid skipping dinner.  We’ll have talked in advance so you’ll know exactly where and when your session is which will allow you know when you leave your house by and when to start dinner. Many times your session may land in the middle of dinner. If this happens, eat early then snack again after your session. Snacks during your shoot is totally fine too (just think about how messy they may be). Blood sugar is not something to be trifled with, especially when dealing with toddlers. 

dad and son near Ramstein for their family photo session

Tip 2 – Be on time or arrive a tad early:

Many sessions start off wonky because the family was running late which stressed mom out. That’s the last thing we want.  Everyone will be taking their cues off you momma.  I work hard to make these low stress for you.  Somethings I can’t control, however 😉 Running late becomes a little problematic because I schedule up against sunset; there is a bit of a time crunch to think about. I recommend planning to show up 15-20 minutes early to give yourself a little wiggle room. Many times you will be getting kiddos dressed there and need that time anyways (<— totally recommend doing this!). I will make sure to let you know if there are bathrooms available at each location. Most of my families change their kiddos in the car too. 

Most importantly (yes, I know this is not a tip to prepare for the logistics of your family photo session but it’s worth mentioning) During the session, don’t sweat it if your kids are acting like maniacs! I promise you, as a mother of four and a family photographer for years, I have pretty mucch seen it all!  I love the silly, messy chaos that comes with family photography and I believe it’s an important part of your story. You’d be surprised how beautiful photos can be taken even while the chaos ensues.

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