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Don't stress. Portraits don't have to be stressful!


Don’t stress.

Take a deep breath.

Beautiful family portraits don’t have to be crazy stressful.

You don’t have to spend hours running from store to store and then back again to find the perfect coordinated outfits.  You don’t have to fight with your spouse every step of the way.  Your kids don’t have to be crazy in front of the camera.

Don’t stress.

I can help you with all of these things.  You don’t have to go at it alone.  When you hire me for your photography, we work in partnership, each step of the way.  Your wardrobe?  I can plan it with you or for you.  I can even shop and purchase it for you!  We can work together to find the best time and location to achieve both your vision and the need for light.  We’ll work together to best accommodate your kids.  (PS- I love in home sessions!  See Chelsea’s here and Shelby’s here) Husbands… we’ll talk more about them on the phone.

Portraits are invaluable.  Time passes us by oh so quick.  A portrait takes a moment and says “Wait! Gotcha! This moment, this moment right here, stays.  It stays forever.”  You can’t buy back your first pregnancy or your youngest baby’s newborn session.  Your daughter will only be missing her two front teeth once (hopefully), capture it.  Treasure it.

When my father passed away in the spring of 2016, one of the first things my family did was pull out our old photos.  We laughed over his ’80s mustache, looked through his army polaroids,  and remembered past family vacations together.  Those images made us laugh, cry and remember.  They are priceless.  Yours will be too.


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“Your daughter will only be missing her front teeth once (hopefully)” LOL!

So true! I need to schedule an anniversary session soon, just need to talk the husband into it

Fun! Can’t wait to see what “power outfit” you put together for your session! Florals and bold lips here you come!

This is so accurate! Thank you for sharing!

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