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Cozy, casual and beautiful: Ramstein in home newborn session


Ramstein in home newborn session

These sessions are where it’s at mommas!  Think about it: you can relax in your home, stay casual in your outfit (yoga pants totally okay!), involve brothers and sisters, and spend some time loving on your littlest one.  In home sessions are completely focused on you, your family, and your new arrival.  You’ll snuggle, gather close, hug, kiss, laugh, and just be yourselves in the place you are most comfortable- your home.

Making Michael, Vicki and Mac’s in home newborn portraits was extra special.  Michael is my oldest daughter’s godfather, whom she lovingly refers to as second dad.  There are a couple family stories here but you’ll have to ask me in person 😉 When I arrived at Michael and Vicki’s house I immediately gave hugs, congratulations and gushed over baby Mac.  After catching up and chatting, we walked around their house to judge the light.  I’ll probably do both of these things when coming to your house too. 🙂

Most often I shoot in the master bedroom (it has the largest bed for you guys to get comfortable on) and the nursery.  I love getting some couch shots too if the light works.  If you’re concerned that your nursery or your house isn’t Pinterest worthy, don’t sweat it!  Mine isn’t either, haha.  I’ll shoot with what you have.  Remember, you’re photographing your moments and your love with your family and your newest one, not the dishes in the sink. I may move something here or there to enhance the story in my frame but there’s no major prep or work required before a session, promise.  

Scenes from Micheal and Vicki’s Ramstein in home newborn session:

mom and dad smiling at newborn on their bed
dad cradling baby's head at home in Ramstein
black and white image in home newborn photo
mother holding baby bathed in window light Germany
view of newborn in crib
mom and dad kissing on couch holding newborn
family holding newborn baby

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