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Confessions of an Introvert: vacationing with our big Italian family

Wildwood Jersey Shore before the crowds

I’m going to tell you a funny secret… my husband is Italian and his family vacations at the Jersey Shore.

Bigger secret?

I kinda like it.

Sure, as an introvert, a week at the beach with 15+ cousins, friends, aunts, uncles, is overwhelming and sometimes mentally exhausting.  Our family accepts my little quirk (they’re all major extroverts) and smiles when I sneak off to the bedroom to shut the down and relax into a book.

Even though I know it’s gong to be a cacophony of people, the experience is such a happy one.  We’re family.  We circle up on the beach, the cousins laugh and play with my girls in the ocean, pasta is inhaled, drinks poured, footballs and lacrosse balls tossed, memories made, and, most importantly family bonds tied tighter.  Though we are living thousands of miles away now, my girls know they are loved deeply.  They know they have family.

sand dunes near wildwood and cape may

This is part of who I am and what I bring to your family session

The ability to handle the chaos and see the beauty.  To be able to see beyond the kids going crazy and capture the tender look between you and your middle child.  Or the shrug this-is-life-and-we-love-it look you give your husband as your two year old runs away from the camera, again.  There is beauty in your moments, your story, exactly where you are in life. I aim to capture that stage and family dynamic.

What others see as ordinary, I see as your extraordinary.  I’m sure to beach walkers and other passer-bys we look like just another big Italian family on the Shore- yes to chest hair, no to overtly large gold chains.  What they don’t see is the love and the traditions.  How my husband’s grandfather would wear black socks and loafers to the beach. Always.  My sister-in-law received super fancy beach chairs as a wedding present because that’s how important and fun these times together are.  Do I love the beach? Nope. I’m a mountains girl, through and through.  Am I on the receiving end of sly smiles and smirks as I head into the beach tent and out of the sun yet again?  Of course.  I’m probably the least tan person in the family, one of the only introverts and book worms and it’s okay.  They love me anyway and that’s what matters.

Families are built full of personalities, differences, love and acceptance. Are you the introvert? Or the gregarious one?  The one who always has the extra napkins/anything-else-needed or the person with the best drinks?  The planner?  Tell me, I’m curious. Capturing family dynamics and special moments that tell your story is what I’m about. 

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