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4 Tips for Choosing a Location When You Want Your Best Family Photos yet!


When you select me as your photographer, you never go at things alone.  We work together hand in hand each step of the way.  One of the things we’ll discuss is choosing a location for your family photos.  

Here are 4 things to consider as we decide on the perfect location for you:

kusel castle maternity portrait architecture backdrop


One thing to keep in mind when choosing a location for your family photos is what kind of background you would like. More specifically, what colors or textures you want in your photos. In the KMC area, we are blessed to be surrounded by a variety of backgrounds – old architecture (my favorite!), traditional German architecture, castle ruins, and fun German downtown areas.  Take a moment to think about what you want.  Do you want your family photos to say “hey look, we’re in Germany!” or is your preference that it’s more subtle? 

family in field near KMC Ramstein


Ok I may be making this up but it’s a big factor.  Like most of you, I drive by gorgeous fields and beautiful trees everyday in the KMC.  Sometimes I literally pull over because the light on the hills with the trees and the fields is just swoon worthy.  I have to take a moment to thank God for his majesty.  However, a lot of that space is private land.  We have to be respectful and courteous.  If we are photographing on farmland and fields, I’m pretty strict on staying on the paths and not wandering too far.  Just something to keep in mind 🙂

family photo at castle Ramstein


I try to encourage families to think outside the box and be ok with a little bit of a drive. One of my favorite places is a village about 40 minutes from here.  If we don’t go specifically to a village, most locations are near one so you could arrive early and have dinner. Think of it as a weekend adventure rather then just something you have to “get in”. Your session will have time for both wiggles and cuddles so getting the energy out shouldn’t be an issue.

Kusel castle sunset location family photos

Sunset Time

I shoot an hour before sunset and make sure I know when that will be at each location. Some spots will lose light sooner due to buildings or trees. If you would like to shoot on the earlier side then picking somewhere that the sun goes down sooner may be a good idea. If you are looking for super golden color then finding a spot that has a view of the sun until it goes down completely will be important.

I hope these four tips help you brainstorm ideas and possibilities for choosing a location for your family photos. If you are still unsure of where you want to go, email me and we can brainstorm together!

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