March 25, 2017 /

Chilly winter morning maternity session


Although cold outside, this St Louis maternity session was full of love, laughter and lots of blessings.

We huddled around in a small circle, introducing ourselves and remarking on how the breeze was threading its way into our coats. There were camera mommas, new photographers, up and coming photographers, and seasoned professionals. Stamping our feet and waiting for the last photographer to show up, we envied Nikki sitting warm in the car. Not for long.

Nikki braved the cold breeze and chilly temperatures for beautiful maternity photos of her second baby. As she slipped in and out of the warming blanket smiling and trying not to look as cold as she felt, we, photographers, gamely snapped images and called out our settings (photographer speak for how you’re manipulating the exposure triangle to make your portraits).  She made us laugh as she exclaimed her mascara was freezing her eyes shut, or, wait, maybe it was the tears from the breeze off the the lake?  We, in turn, captured beautiful moments of her laughing at us, huge smiles as we talked about pregnancy cravings (her’s are peanut butter, chocolate milk, and salsa.

Nikki participated in model call for a small photography group of which I am a member. Joining this group has been a huge blessing in my life. The collaborative spirit is amazing and I enjoy seeing how we can all look at the same model and come away with completely different captures. It is a lot like mom groups; we all have kids, or in this case an interest in photography, but we bring different backgrounds and viewpoints to the group. I love that.

If you are pregnant, yay, congratulations!  For maternity portraits think about scheduling your maternity session between 30-36 weeks gestation. Contact me to talk about your ideal session – are you in a glamorous gown downtown or in a field?  Is it just you and your significant other or do you want kids and puppies involved?  Would you rather stay home and make your portraits there?  These are all things to think about and talk over.  Hope to chat soon!

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