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Candid family photos at Kusel Castle


Ramstein family photographer at Kusel Castle

You’re in for a treat friends, today I’m sharing the Beck’s family photos at Kusel castle.  I met Lori on the first day of school on Ramstein AB.  You see, my daughter was having a bit of trouble adjusting to the new school and her anxiety was manifesting in the form of tummy eruptions.  Lori was a beacon in the storm to my daughter. She provided gentle guidance, a friendly face, and small steps on how to move forward.  In a school over 800, she made my daughter feel singularly important and taken care of.  My momma’s heart soared.

By serendipity, Lori contacted me a month or so later to have her family portraits made.  Of course I said yes!  After emailing and chatting several times about wardrobe, location, wall art, and a few other things, we met for their family photos on the knoll above the ruins of Kusel castle.  Her dog, Georgia, roamed around while we laughed and they snuggled, and captured sweet memories.  

What a gift Lori has been in our family’s lives, I hope these images of her love of her family bring her joy for today and generations to come. 

sun flare over dog next to family sitting
dad hugs son with mom and daughter in front of castle
dad with his daughter and son in front of castle
sister and brother walk in field with dog
family embraces with castle in background

Xoxo, Jenn

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What an amazing place for a photo shoot! Gorgeous!

It is! And shooting inside the ruins is pretty neat too – although I’m a sucker for old architecture 🙂

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