Hello, I'm Jenn. A mother. An Artist. A Photographer. A consummate consumer of chocolate and red wine. Based in St Louis and Kaiserslautern, Germany



Why I do what I do

our family photo

This is why I do what I do.

This is the purpose the guides me.
During each family portrait session there comes a time where I find myself just watching. Watching mom cuddle her daughter in close, ruffle her son’s hair, or touch her husband’s arm. Small movements, seemingly unnoticeable, but filled with the greatest of love. It’s during these glimpses that I am reminded of the gravity of what I do: I am here to capture your family’s unique moments, the pieces that will tell your story, and record them for generations yet to come. What everyone else may see as ordinary, I see as your extraordinary.



I Believe

I believe in families. I believe in the connection that a family holds knows no bounds, strengthens all ties, and will always pull you gently back home. Family is like a lighthouse, standing tall in both the storms and the calm, faithfully guiding you back to port. The journey and stories of a family are the most interesting and most deserving to be told. I believe in telling those stories over and over, for generations to come, through strong, classic black and white images and rich colorful ones hung on the walls or displayed in silver frames on the mantle. I believe in the importance of mom and making things less stressful for her. I believe in dads who love their wives fiercely and live in such a way as to leave a legacy behind. I believe that love trumps darkness and in the power of reaching out, helping up, and extending grace, especially to fellow mothers. Motherhood is the most difficult, selfless, extraordinary experience a woman can be called to do.

Lastly, I believe in images so strong, so genuine, that when the day is done and the moment has gone, that when the lifetime of a loved one has passed, you can look back at that image and not only see the emotion but feel it.

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