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About me, my art & the medium of photography


Okay, this feels a bit like having my trousseau on display but here goes:

If we are not acquainted you would think I am the quiet, shy type. You would not be wrong. At large social functions I do my best to turn taupe and blend into the wall, mainly because I am the most socially awkward person on the planet. It is my fatal flaw. However, lead me on stage, turn on the lights, hand me a speech and I can address crowds of hundreds. A table full of moms at MOPs? I clam up like the new kid walking into the lunchroom.


Maybe that is why photography feels so natural, as natural as my right arm. Maybe, it is because there is a little black box between you and I and that black box, much like a podium on stage, sets me free. It erases all the ums, uhs, and other social awkwardness I can be known to mutter. The camera lets me create art, your art, just for you.


Photography came into my life when I needed it most. Fresh off of reading Jennie Allen’s Restless and mentoring with one of the most beautiful souls I’ve met, creating art in this medium was like finally realizing what I was meant to do and given the freedom to run after it with reckless abandon. It fit me, my quirks, my constant desire to grow, to learn, to create, and, most importantly, introduced tangible way to give back.


My art isn’t for everyone. It is more about feelings than ‘say cheese’ smiles. It is about capturing moments and memories and your relationships. I am less about elaborate styling and beautiful props and more about your deep down belly laughs and your to-the-moon-and-back love. Think your grandma’s pearls over the trendy feather earrings.


In the past, or maybe your friends have told you, having family portraits made is stressful; the outfits, the hair, make up, convincing your significant other, all can be so much work. I’m here to tell you it does not have to be that way. You can have beautiful portraits and not be overwhelmed. In fact, most of my clients say working with me is easy and relaxing. Moms especially love the complimentary wardrobe guide and consultations, it helps set the tone and starts the session off right.  I also work to help set you up for a low stress, fun experience with tips on choosing your location, getting ready for the logistics of the big day, helping your little ones feel comfortable with me, and all sorts of other things. I want this to be a total win for you – you walk away feeling loved and excited, your husband smiles genuinely at the end of the session, and your kiddos wanna give me hugs and high-fives.  This is possible, I promise 🙂


Hello, I’m Jenn, the lady behind the camera. Based out of St Louis, Northern Virginia, and soon to be Kaiserslatern, Germany, I believe family is everything.

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