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3 Tips for Staying Warm During Family Photos


(aka how to stay warm and not freeze your butt off while taking family pictures outside this winter.)

Thinking about having family photos made or maternity portraits made this winter?  Are your friends telling ya that you’re crazy? It’s too cold?  It is cold but there are things to do to try and stay warm during family photos sessions in the winter.  

Sometimes memories are made outside. In the cold.

Sure, the warmest option is staying inside, maybe doing a studio session, but sometimes your stories and memories are best told outside.  One year I switched coasts and flew to Washington State for Christmas.  We drove up towards Mount Baker and all I can remember thinking was the beauty and the majesty of the winter scene as we drove on the mountain.  The road closed at some point and we got out of the car and took a few portraits.  They are some of my favorites of all time!  Especially the one of my uncle and I trying to put snow down each other’s back as my aunt holds us at bay.  I have the biggest smile on my face and my uncle is laughing real, genuine, over the top love laughter.  These are stories that had to be told outside.

I’d share them here on the blog but this was before digital cameras (yikes!).  In fact, I think the big things I remember with cameras then was Kodak’s camera that could take three picture sizes on the same roll of film. Remember those?  No?

My point is, don’t be discouraged by the cold.  Prepare for it, know it’s not going to be Hawaii warmth, and go in and have fun anyway.  

winter scene for family photos

Here are three ways to stay warm during family sessions in the cold:

1. Wear layers.  For littles make sure they have a long sleeve onesie underneath their sweater.  I’d also layer tights or leggings underneath the pants that you want showing for the session.  You can layer both a cardigan and a coat over top of the sweater and we can take off/mix and match as the session goes along.  Same goes for you, parents.  Also think about adding in a scarf or hats.  Tip: if you’re not overly warm in the car you’re probably not wearing enough.

2.  Warmers.  For adults think about putting warmers everywhere!  In your boots, in your pockets, on your back (think about those Thermacare warmers as well as the ones they sell for skiing and such).  Every body warmer you can think of, purchase it!  Grab a few extras for your littles that we can activate once we get to the session and maybe place underneath their coat but above their sweater.

3.  Blankets and Sleeping Bags.  I’ll also bring a sleeping bag to use for wrapping around y’all and then a blanket for sitting. If you have one you know that matches feel free to bring that too. 

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