10 of my favorite things

This page is coming soon... For now, here's a few tidbits:

1.In college I was a powerlifter. My husband’s friends often referred to us as “the shortest, strongest couple.” Needless to say, I am no longer powerlifting nor do I look like I am! Ha!

2.Curry, mainly Indian curry, is one of my all time favorite dishes. I’d choose curry for comfort food before mac-n-cheese, before grilled cheese and tomato soup, before pretty much anything. Except maybe chocolate.

3.I met my husband in high school, although we didn’t start dating until college. He said “She had some growing up to do first,” which was probably true. Now we are watching our four daughters grow, explore, learn and change together.

4.I am (was?) a runner. A long distance runner. So far the longest race I have completed is a 50-mile ultra marathon. Lately I have been eyeing triathlons but I am such a weak swimmer.

5.I love Starbucks but I don’t drink coffee. Give me a soy, no water, chai latte and I become Wonder Woman.