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Why I moved from traditional newborn portraits & chose to do in home newborn sessions instead


Why I chose to do in home newborn sessions or lifestyle newborn sessions.

siblings laying on bed with newborn

The journey of an artist is a long one.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to focus on a mother’s love and the importance of family.  When I first started newborn sessions I did a combination of traditional shots (think bonnets and baskets) as well as studio type images of mom and baby.  As I edited the images I always felt that I, the photographer, was in the images too.  You could feel my presence in the photos, I didn’t like it.  The images I created felt more focused on me getting the perfect pose and just the right position than momma and her baby.  I didn’t like it, it wasn’t what I set out to do.  

After lots of prayer, over the years I’ve slowly chose to do in home newborn sessions.  In home newborn sessions are focused on the family, including siblings and pets, and your newborn.  They focus on love, tender moments together, and telling your story.  These sessions use a lot of baby led posing.

chose to do in home newborn sessions because sibling involvement

“Baby Led Posing” is the name of the game during in home newborn sessions

Now when I come to your house for your session I practice what the industry calls “Baby Led Posing.”  This means that I don’t put a baby in an unnatural pose and I don’t spend countless hours calming them.  If baby is awake, we photograph him awake.  If she rests, we’ll take images of her sleeping.  Ultimately, I don’t really pose at all.   

Sure, I place my newborns for portraits, however I don’t “pose” in the way that many traditional newborn photographers do.  I place them in momma’s arms, in daddy’s arms, on the bed, etc, but nothing like a traditional studio might do.

Low Stress – another reason why I chose to do in home newborn sessions

I don’t want my portrait sessions to be stressful. When I used to pose babies, I would spend up to four hours at a session, trying to make the baby sleep, trying to get the poses just right etc. As a momma to four, I know what it’s like to have a newborn, especially during those first few weeks. It is already so stressful!  I’m not here to add to that stress factor, in fact I work hard to minimize it.  I encourage my mommas not to feel the need to clean up before I come over, to wear relaxing and comfortable clothes, and realize I’m here to capture your moments and your family, not your laundry and dishes.  (Please leave that stuff alone and don’t worry about it.  I’d be shocked if you didn’t have dishes in the sink!) Choosing to do in home newborn sessions allows me to focus on your family and your baby – whether the baby is awake or asleep, placed on a bed or in your arms. I have no expectations. Because of this, I am in and out of my families homes in under two hours. I don’t wan to invade your precious time any longer than that!

The Takeaway: Why I chose to do in home newborn sessions: because I want to capture your love, your moments, and tell your story.

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