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Ramstein Newborn Session: Pets Welcome!


Yes, you can include your pet during your lifestyle newborn session 

Choosing to do a lifestyle newborn photoshoot has definite perks: you get to stay home, relax, wear yoga pants, take a coffee break… AND we have the opportunity to include all of the family members into the photos, including the family pet! Personally, dogs are my favorite. A dog can add so much energy and character to a lifestyle newborn photo session.

This pup’s name is Emma and she is absolutely in love with her newborn baby sister.  She spent part of the session outside burning off energy, more on that in a minute, and part of the time cuddled up on the couch with us.  You would think, judging by these photos that we used lots of coaching and treats, but you’d be surprised to know that no incentives were necessary. Emma alternately followed the sound of the shutter clicking and sniffing her new sister.  She adored the newest member of the family and checked on her welfare throughout the entire in home session.

Something tells me that Emma and her human baby sister will be best of friends.

A Helpful Tip:  

One thing to keep in mind when you want to include your pet during your lifestyle newborn session is the dog’s energy level. If possible, it’s good to give him/her, a nice long walk prior to the shoot. The walk helps bring excitement and energy levels down and it makes it that much easier to work them into the portraits.

Lifestyle newborn session mom dad and baby Lifestyle newborn session with dog on couch In Home Newborn Session Ramstein dog and baby dog and newborn cuddled on couch photo session

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