Portrait Philosophy

sibling portrait photography black and white family portrait mom and dad laughing.  family starts with them! Just one kiss daddy? She's still a daddy's girl.

 Portrait Photography Philosophy

Timeless. Classic. Elegant. Like the Channel suit your grandmother wore fifty years ago and again to your wedding, your portraits should stand the testament of time. They should be framed in heavy silver frames on the mantle, in Waterford crystal frames on the Steinway, or professionally printed on canvas and metal to make a striking gallery wall. Your portraits capture your moments, your love, your family. Show them, share them, love them.

Your portraits are glimpses in time. Moments to share, laugh over, and reminisce about twenty years down the road. The maternity portrait you took with your daughter will be one of the first portraits shared at her wedding and, perhaps, gifted to her when she expects her first child.  The portrait of your son hanging on the wall will be lovingly glanced at as you wait, anxiously, for him to return home from his first year of college.

Your family portraits are priceless, cherished for years after they were taken. They are brought out at Thanksgiving dinners, laughed over during cocktails with friends, and shared with your daughters and daughter in laws as they create the next generation.

Let me capture your family’s moments and help you preserve them for years to come. I will walk with you every step of the way. Contact me here. Want to read more?  Here’s a bit more of what to expect.