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My 2020 Word of the Year


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It’s a tad bit embarrassing but it’s something I *think* we can all relate to.

This year my word of the year is follow through.  A lot of entrepreneurs and mompreneurs are great at self-starting.  We can whip out new ideas, create crazy schemes, and plan out projects with the best of them.  But see it to completion?  Not so much.  Historically, I get caught in the middle, the murky part, the hard spots, and struggle with making momentum forward.  I don’t follow through.

It’s one of my own personal forms of self-sabotage and something that I want to become really mindful of this coming year (which is why I chose follow through as my word of the year).  Specifically, I want to look at my patterns and teach myself to recognize those first small indicators that I’m starting to get to the hard part, and this might be the part where I wanna back out.  

Why is following through so hard?

There are all sorts of reasons I might not follow through: things aren’t going the way I want them to, I’m not getting the results I expected, the project is getting more challenging, I’ve left the fun phase and entered the hard work phase, etc…  All of these reasons feel like they’re rooted in one thing: lack of confidence.  

  • Do I really want to grind through this hard stuff when I’m not sure it’ll make a difference anyway?
  • This is difficult.  It probably shouldn’t be this challenging so I must be doing it wrong.  Lemme back away for a minute and then revisit (ahem, never)

It’s hard for me to admit that. 

I am usually a pretty confident woman, maybe sometimes overconfident.  But the business world is ever evolving and going at it as a mompreneur feels daunting a lot of the time.  You do all the things, the marketing, the networking, the accounting, the business, plus all the fun stuff.  It’s easy to start to feel like I can’t follow through on some of my most important projects, including giving back to my mommas, with everything else swirling about.  I’ll start to entertain thoughts that my efforts are “good enough” or chiding myself with “really, what did I expect?”

But realizing a lack of follow through could be related to a confidence issue, I wonder if there is a compromise that would give me space and time to gather courage and move forward on the most important stuff? 

What if I:

  • Only scrolled and responded to emails and social media at scheduled points of the day? (Rather than randomly all day)
  • Reshared fan favorites from the year as well as some from the cutting room floor instead of constantly feeling the pressure to post new, new, new
  • Created something just for fun, completely new, just to explore and get juices flowing again
  • Planned out and worked ahead on projects and deadlines so the overwhelming feeling creeped in more sloooowly

These compromises *might* allow me to continue to work on big, exciting projects, keep creating personal responses and sessions for my mommas.  I think it might help me to show up big time for those I feel passionate about.  It will allow me to follow through on what’s important – my faith, my family, and my mommas.  Even though it’ll be hard, it might be the best way I can take care of myself and my business as a mompreneur.  

This year I choose to follow through and I choose to do that by compromising on less consequential activities so I don’t have to compromise on what really matters in the long-term.  Follow through is my 2020 mantra and word of the year.

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