April 7, 2018 / Family Portraits, Motherhood

Mommy & Me Mini Sessions


Photographing Motherhood is an amazing treasure.

Sure, you and the kids are aware that I’m there. You see my camera.

Your love, their love, it encompasses and transcends all of that.  These sessions really are only about you, for you, and for them.

And with those clicks of the shutter, those fractions of a second, I aim to capture your bliss, your love, your unique ordinary moments that really are extraordinary.  I happens uniquely for every mother.  When it does, when that moment is captured in the camera, my heart does a little dance.  A mother’s love, your love, for your children is as individual as a fingerprint and such will be your images.

I can’t wait to create with you.

I can’t wait for you to see your extraordinary in print.

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The Details

Dates, Times, Investment

The Details

Session: Approximately a 20-30 minute session focused on you, loving on your babes.

Dates and Times:

Friday April 27th: 7:10pm or 7:40pm
Saturday April 28th: 6:30pm, 7:10pm or 7:40pm


Collection A: Mini Session, 7 gift prints (8x10 and below), 1 phone app to share the images, 1 framed desk print for your's or dad's desk $300

Collection B: Mini Session, 5 gift prints (8x10 and below), 1 phone app to share the images $225

Collection C: Mini Session, 3 gift prints (8x10 and below) $155

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