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Not my mom, St Louis Mommy & Me session


St Louis family photographer is humbled and inspired by recent Mommy and Me sessions.

As I planned out my spring Mommy and Me sessions, I purposely scheduled a few weekday morning sessions before the Saturday fun. Originally I thought these weekday morning sessions would be warm ups, something easy and fun to ease back into the flow of things before the rush. Instead these sessions were grace filling, awe-inspiring, eye-opening sessions of love. Portraits that capture how love comes from all directions, outpours with gusto from children, and can quietly seep from a mother’s watchful eye as she gazes upon her children.

Today’s blog post begins a series on portraits of motherhood.

“Mom! A! Squish closer together! Closer! I can still see daylight streaming between you.” They didn’t move. They didn’t move closer together, they didn’t move further apart, they stood there staring. Slowly, a bit timidly, A said “This is Geneva. She’s not my mom. I call her Geneva.” Oh, shit. That wasn’t in my pre-session questionnaire. “Then Geneva it is!” I smiled sweetly at A and made eye contact with Geneva. “All okay?” She grinned back, yes. In a matter of seconds the two happily squished together and smiled. Whew.

That moment stuck with me throughout the mommy and me session. I thought highlighting their relationship status would add a layer of distance or awkwardness between the pair. It didn’t. In fact, after that initial moment, I was probably the only one who thought about it again. I coughed the foot out of my mouth and worked on capturing their joy and love.

Look at these portraits. There is not an ounce of distance, separation, or questioning. There is love. Love from a woman to a child. Love from a child secure in knowledge that she is cherished and valued. Love.  I’m sure it wasn’t a smooth road for these two to get to this point in their relationship together but I’m humbled to be able to capture these moments of love.

A wise friend once explained to me how she looks at her ex’s new wife, in regards to her son. “She’ll never be his mother. I am his mother. But she is another adult to love him, care for him, and help him. How could I not want that for him? It is a gift.”

Currently there are two spots left for the April 9th Mommy and Me sessions.  Contact me to schedule your session.

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She’s a hot mess just like her daddy but I couldn’t love them anymore. They are amazing part of my life. Thanks for capturing our first mommy and me photos 🙂

What a pleasure it was to capture those moments for you! May they grace your walls and memories as fine art and good memories.

The shots are absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving the pops of red!

Thanks Miranda!

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