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Documenting Life - at the library


Document your day.   Pull out the camera during the mundane, everyday adventures and capture the moments that make your family uniquely your’s.

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It’s no secret that I am a bookworm. I love books. I love to read. In fact, when we were newlyweds, my husband once commented, “I’ve never been surrounded by so many words before. There are books, lists, books, and more words everywhere!” He’s an engineer by trade and education so take his commentary with a grain of salt, ha!

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When my oldest daughter learned to read, and subsequently fell in love with reading, my heart did a little happy dance. Now my second daughter is learning to read and showing avid interest, yay!


As you can imagine, the library is a frequent stop and magical happy place in our household. The little girls and I attend storytime. The older girls probably swap books in and out of the library at least once a week. They are lucky enough to have an amazing school library to visit weekly as well. Thank goodness there is not a transaction charge!


I know my time with them is fleeting. I know I am often guilty of saying “hurry up, let’s go!” and rushing off to the next thing. Documenting different parts of our day prevents that. Pulling out the camera automatically makes me slow down, survey the scene and notice the details. Try to document your day, or one aspect of it, and see if it forces you to slow down too.


These are just a few from our recent trip to the library. I’m already brainstorming new vantage points and different perspectives to tell the story. For now, though, it’s exciting and brings happiness just to document our day. Tell our story. At least our story for now 😉
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