January 13, 2017 /

Camera Shy Kiddo: family portraits made easier


“Michael is a great son.  I am so blessed… until the camera comes out!  He runs, he hides, he does anything but stand still and smile.  We don’t have any recent family portraits with Michael smiling!” she told me.

Can anyone else relate?

After consulting with Anni, aka mom, we strategized for the best possible shoot.  Michael is a morning person.  We scheduled a sunrise session.  (Don’t panic, it was around 7:00am!)  I brought his favorite snacks to the session.  I brushed up on my superhero knowledge.  Turns out, I had a lot to learn.  As a mom of four girls, I am less then fluent on the nuances of Captain America vs Spiderman vs random, seemingly obscure, Marvel comic guys.  Needless to say, I came to the session prepared but not perfect. 😉

The shoot, however, went awesome!  Yes Michael was shy at first and off on his own.  Anni and I were both prepared for this and gave Michael some space.  I caught cute smiles and glimpses of E’s personality in the meantime.  She is quite the ham!  It turns out the images of Michael off on his own were some of our favorite images from the shoot.  Authentic, true moments.  These images captured exactly who he is at this time in his life.

Can you relate to Anni’s situation?  Contact me to find out about setting up a fully customized, low stress portrait session.  Low stress?  Yup.  Read all about the #dontstress campaign.

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